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September 2022

  1. Located at district 15 with proximity to East Cost Park, two free hold units of two-story detached houses with swimming pools were developed at a combined land area of 1,105 sqm. This development was acquired in the late 2010 - Temporary Occupation Permit was issued in mid-2014 and the units were sold in 2014 and early 2015.
  2. Located at district 15, four units of two-story landed houses were developed. An intermediate terrace and a corner terrace were designed with an attic while two semi-detached units were designed with attic and basement. This development came from an acquisition of two adjacent free hold land with a total area of 898 sqm in mid-2010. All four units were sold before Temporary Occupation Permit was issued in mid-2013.
  3. Located at district 15, addition and alteration works went into a revitalized three-story semi-detached house with an attic. Gross floor area was increased as well. This unit was later acquired in the 2010 with a land area of 312 sqm. Boasting a proximity to East Coast Park, the unit was sold in early 2013 before the Temporary Occupation Permit was issued.